Strength To Grow
 A Licenseds CLinical Social Worker Corporation
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Strength To Grow
Feeling overwhelmed by work, family and/or social responsibilities? Feeling stuck and unable to accomplish simple tasks or conquer long term goals? Have you lost the ability to enjoy activities that once brought you joy or peace? Do you find yourself worrying about things that are outside of your control? Does fear or worry prevent you from participating in new experiences?
Are you a survivor of a traumatic incident? Are you overwhelemed by social and policitcal issues related to to your community?

Do you want help to overcome these challenges?

I believe that we are all innately created with the abilities needed to overcome any stressors, challenges, burdens or roadblocks that may come our way. Nevertheless, there are times, when we as humans greatly benefit from an open minded, non-judgmental external support system who offers strength based, strategic, and solution focused interventions.

I utilize the models of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Solution Focused therapy to support each client on their path to overcoming. I work in close collaboration with individuals who are survivors of traumatic experiences, individuals who have experienced a loss or separation from a loved one, as well as those suffering from depression and anxiety. I am very open to working with both adults and youth with intellectual disabilities. I also offer brief consultation in regards to educational and career choices.

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